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Skeletons always look good.

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This is why I don’t try to think about these. They’re stupid outfits…but then that’s the point. Hence the sadness.

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1. Rarity 2. Helex 3. Steve (TFP minion) 4. Pinkamena Diane Pie 5. Bugs Bunny


That’s like Rarity’s relationship with Blue Blood. She should have sang this at the Gala all heartbroken.

The official music video was filmed in my country! :la: Either way, maybe  the place he lived at got burnt down with him the only survivor. At first he couldn’t get over it and tried to bring everything back but lost all hope and moved on.

This needs to explanation. Seriously.

Everyone would automatically associate this with Rainbow Dash. I would too.

Basically Bugs and Lola. :P

1. XD

2. He’s the one who melts people in his stomach. Maybe… 

3. The explanation is obvious. He’s the one saying “My Anaconda Don’t” and he’s singing to Starscream who will never please his anaconda in that regard.

4. That is Pinkie’s secret.

5. Aww.

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meet the man of the house, Mr. Sholto wanting to play.

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Phantom: I'm in Christine's mind. Sing sing.
Christine: Get out me mind!
Phantom: Marry me or I'll fucking kill Raoul
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Grey Peacock-Pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum) of southeast Asia.

yo why didnt i know about these

Wow man forget regular peacocks this thing is magical.

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Imagine you’re like in a party and somebody tells you “somebody died fast we need to go to the funeral” and you’re just like

what the fuck kind of scenario is that

a gatsby party

Okay, I was reading a reply to a question I asked on the mobile app. The reply had the link to it, so naturally I clicked on it.

I landed on the page on the first screenshot. Out of curiosity, I pressed “Follow” and got the error shown on the sevond screenshot. XD

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"The Blue Knight Of The Shadows" yay

"The Dark Guardian of the Forest" 

Ooo~ Yes I approve highly.

"The Red Unicorn of the Forest". I don’t even sound evil but that’s not a bad thing…

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History told by Tumblr 

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Submitted by anon



Harley is a gift from God.

This is why Harley is like my all time favorite!





Are you serious? Just because someone invents a new tool to protect yourself against rape, it doesn’t mean that society has given up on abolishing rape culture.

Guess what else is against the law and is generally looked down upon in our society. Murder, but people still get killed every single day. No matter how much progress is made to wipe away rape, there will always be rapists. There will always be entitled human scum who will take what they want through violence and deception. 

You can keep fighting to change the people’s view on rape while still using the tools available to protect yourself. 

word! exactly Skarner, I think that nail polish is rad as fuck to. You could use it to your advantage and even throw the tainted drink on the asshole that tried to give it to you and watch his face, ha


Spaghetti Hamster Photoshop Battle [via]

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