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I was trying to draw this character without a ref, but at the end I had to look it up. I wasn’t too far off.

Unfortunately, I drew him too big, so I drew him in two pieces of paper. I will scan and somehow combine them. I hope it looks good, but either way I’m gonna colour it digitally…eventually. Might probably skip the queue altogether. (I have other drawings in need of colouring.)

I’ll probably upload a small, cleaned up version of sketch on dA for my birthday. I like to upload something on that date just because. Then, just sneakishly update the image once I finish colouring it. Probably upload other things as well.




Why don’t you try freeware art programs like Fire Alpaca or GIMP? Sorry, I don’t have a spare Photoshop Elements. :/
I’m unfamiliar with both, so that’s why. :/ Plus I doubt they’re as…

What does software have to do with how great the art turns out? Software has nothing to do with skill. Both are free to install, so it doesn’t hurt to try. I still need to see if Fire Alpaca is good. I’m only familiar with GIMP, but friends say they like Fire Alpaca.

I’m not sure if your school is like this, but for art students they can buy Adobe Creative Suite (whatever the current number is) at like 80% off to use. If they still don’t have the money, they can use it on the school computers, but then that’s not really for personal/hobby art. 

Software has actually everything to do with how the art shall turn out, as the result is pretty dependent on how smoothly things will run. :( It’s not about just the skill, it’s also as much to do with the touch, the feel, the general usability of the program, how well it runs on my computer and how compatible it is with my tablet, the special features it has, everything. Without those, drawing skills mean next to nothing since then you could as well me making everything traditionally and get close to equal results, and probably much faster.

It’s true, but unfortunately with the new Creative Cloud of Adobe, the general lower prices mean next to nothing since once you’re no longer a student, the monthly fee you pay to use the program goes back up or something and it’s ridiculously high. …At least I think so. From what I’ve understood they only sell the latest products anymore anyway. Could be wrong though…. I hope I am. I’d love to have a working, legal copy of CS3.

I could give these free ones a try but I’d rather use a program I already know how to use. :( Thank you for your suggestions though!

GIMP does have a pretty steep learning curve, (I’m not sure about the other one) at least it’s totally different than Photoshop Elements. Good luck finding a solution for your software problem. 

I remember when…I remember…I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions had an echo, in so much space.  

And when you’re out there, without care. (Yeah, I was out of touch.) But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough…I just knew too much. Does that make me crazy? Does that make me crazy? Does that make me crazy? Probably.

I want to make this punky greaser my vocaloid OC. ;w;


Anonymous asked:

I might as well. You don't know who I am, but I'm some random user who found your blog via notes. But every time I see these posts where people want asks, they never answer mine. Why is that? Do they think my questions are too unusual? IDK anymore.


Idk friend, whenever I see posts about asks, I ask because hey I’d want people to do the same to me. I think it’s because I’m not a very popular blog, or people don’t care enough about me to bother asking. I love my followers! I once got bummed for losing 15 and stopped using tumblr for like a month :/
To answer your question, I think it’s because I lack interest in peoples minds.









Military Sign Language

YES, this is very relevant to my interests…

HUGE pet peeve of mine, I see it a lot in TV shows. The troops are walking quietly toward their objective. The leader holds up his hand in the halt signal and then



The whole point of these hand signals is to be silent so the close range enemies you’re about to engage DON’T HEAR YOU GIVING COMMANDS

though why I’m still expecting sense out of tv shows I don’t even know



Accuracy check! Eric?

OMG. I am SO using the “this is what I think about your opinion” one. This is fucking perfect.

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